Our mission

Building the future of medical refunds

Right Refund was created to improve the refund experience for patients, help providers reduce waste, and contribute to a brighter healthcare for all.

Our company

We're passionate patient advocates

The Right Refund team is comprised of passionate, US-based healthcare finance professionals with decades of experience in medical billing and similar roles.

Our parent company, Crossroads Health, helps healthcare providers avoid overpayments - but when they do occur, we're getting money back in patients' pockets quickly.

Image of person using Right Refund to accept digital medical refund.
Our values

Welcome to the new era of healthcare

The healthcare industry is notoriously opaque, confusing, and difficult for the average patient to navigate. However, the tide is shifting to be more patient-centric and transparent.

More Transparent
We believe patients have the right to access and understand their medical bills. Part of that is knowing when they have overpaid.
Less Waste
Healthcare is fraught with waste, both financial and environmental. We're doing our part to reduce both by helping providers migrate to digital refunds.
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Why Right Refund?

Why healthcare providers are switching to digital refunds


They're cheaper

Printing and mailing paper checks is costly for healthcare providers. Migrating to digital refunds helps them save money, which in turn means they can provide better care.


They're faster

Paper checks can take weeks to arrive and often never get cashed or worse, get lost in the mail. Digital refunds be accepted instantly, from anywhere in the world.


They're more secure

Physical checks carry inherent risk that digital money transfer simply does not. With fewer/no hands touching your money, it won't be compromised.


We're hiring!

Join the Right Refund team and make a difference in healthcare.


Fully remote

Our team is fully remote and spread all over the United States.


Great culture

Culture always comes first, we're actually sort of obsessed with it.


Great Benefits

Paid time off, retirement, health insurance, and more is made available to everyone.